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Reducing salt intake to the recommended level of less than 5 g per day could prevent 1.7 million deaths each year- WHO

Go-MaD.AI is an Integrated Digital Health Platform that offers advice tailored to the individual needs of clients in order to help them achieve their goals; as well as food services for Restaurants. It is for anyone, anywhere looking to improve their eating and lifestyle.

In 2018, it has been awarded the ‘Top 50 Healthcare Companies Award’ by Smart Health Dubai 2018.
To-date, it has Dietitians/Nutritionists networks across Malaysia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore as well as Taiwan for nutrition service offerings


Post COVID-19 outbreak, the general public has become more aware of the importance to keep a healthy lifestyle, by practicing strict hygiene, working out and adopting a healthy diet. While no foods or dietary supplements can prevent COVID-19 infection, maintaining a healthy diet is an important part of supporting a strong immune system.

Checkout Go-MaD Star that is designed to enhance and maintain an overall good state of health!

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Application of AI-powered Nutritionist + Chef/ Robotic Chef

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