Mich’sology @ Uptown

1 Star rated menu items:

  • Fuel bowl

Go-MaD’s Choice:

  1. Rice: Brown rice
  2. Sauces: Kimchi & Mich’sology
  3. Sides: Avocado, Cherry Tomato & Edamame
  4. Toppings: Black Sesame, Chia Seeds, Ebiko & Seaweed
  • Mich’sology Granola bowl
  • Nara Soba


Go-MaD’s Comment:

1.Fuel Bowl

  • Over-portion of carbs (Brown rice)

2. Granola Bowl

  • Over-amount of honey

3. Nara Soba

  • Over-portion of carbs
  • Advice to have the sauce serve separately & limit to two teaspoon only
  • The rating is given based on two teaspoons of one specific sauce

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