AI-powered Nutritionist Platform

Our Core

Go-MaD.AI App development stages:

1. Live App in market:

  • Users can search, choose and book Nutritionists service.
  • Instant chat function between users and Nutritionists.
  • AI-powered meal tracking function. AI food model to identify the food composition from food photo uploaded, for Nutritionists’ analysis purpose.

2. Later stage: AI-powered Virtual Nutritionist development.

3. Blockchain technology integration

Virtual Nutritionist
Blockchain Platform

Nutritionist Platform

  • Are you worrying about eating a cheese cake, chocolate or fast food will affect your healthiness?
  • Do you want to know is your body fit for you to do not need to avoid eating some food?
  • Do you wish to have a personalized food suggestion from a nutritionist for you eat relaxingly?

Go-MaD.AI is a nutritionist platform. We believe in “prevention is better than cure” and “you’re what you eat”. We aim to bringing nutritionists closer to people; to let people stay away from diseases by eating healthily with food advice from professional nutritionists.

AI-powered Virtual Nutritionist App

Nutritionists' Helping Tool

Go-MaD.AI is applying artificial intelligence (AI) for cutting edge meal monitoring. At current stage, Our App acts as helping tool for Nutritionists to provide their service. At current stage, we are using AI food model for food composition prediction based on food photo uploaded by users.

We aim to pioneer the development of AI model by developing a Virtual Dietitians model, by using machine learning for the food pyramid basic food groups identification; and using deep machine learning to further identify the dietary factor for the food groups

Future Developement

Blockchain Applicaion

Health Data Storage
To let users have full control of their health data for better health self-tracking and higher data privacy.

Market segment Interoperability
Healthcare data from m-Health App or medical record will be aggregated to provide comprehensive healthcare service; maximize data usage by keeping the data privacy

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    NFhomemade-Never Forget Homemade
    Never Forget homemade was founded in 2015, aims to bring happiness to every customer when they enjoy NFhomemade cakes as well as eating healthily. NFhomemade focuses on food quality and safety, hence the cakes made are fresh with NO preservatives and flavoring. This is what NFhomemade has been insisting on since its inception. While focus on the ingredients used and taste of the cake, we also emphasis on the design of the cake, because in order to have a perfect sense of happiness, we will do our best to meet the requirements set by the customers.
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    Wise Crafters
    Wise Crafters was founded by a father and daughter duo. Their journey began when the daughter found out that her father had to undergo an angiogram operation. Ever since then, the daughter has been encouraging her father to change his lifestyle and diet, and so she started researching on the healthiest food that her dad can consume to keep his heart strong and healthy. That’s when she came across the health benefits of overnight oats which have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, plus other health benefits like reducing cholesterol, high blood pressure and much more. Wise Crafters was born to encourage everyone to “Eat Healthily, Stay Healthy”. All Wise Crafters' products is freshly made every day, sealed and delivered to your doorstep.
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